Honor the Red, White, & Blue

At Ascension Providence, we are proud to serve veterans, and we are thankful for their service to our nation. Since the Veterans Choice Program rolled out in 2016, Ascension Providence Healthcare Network and Ascension continue to look for ways to honor veterans, and that’s why Ascension Providence will soon introduce the “Honor the Red, White, & Blue” Veterans Recognition Program.

This will be a three part program as outlined below.

Part One
Honor the Red, White & Blue
  • An information sheet is included in each Admission/Discharge packet describing our commitment to honoring veterans and outlining the Honor the Red, White & Blue program.
  • At any time during the patient’s stay, anyone interacting with the patient may discover that a patient is a veteran.
  • Notify the Charge Nurse of the unit. The Charge Nurse has ‘Veterans Recognition Kits’ and will activate the necessary protocol. This includes obtaining the patient’s and/or family’s consent to participate in the program.
  • A magnetic American flag will be attached to the door frame outside the patient’s room denoting their veteran status.
  • A flag sticker will be placed on each veteran’s medical chart.
  • A Red, White & Blue flag-motif wrist band will be placed on the veteran.
  • All associates are encouraged to acknowledge the veteran’s service when they interact with the patient: “Thank you for your service.”
Part Two
The Final Salute
  • If a veteran patient dies, a special tribute will be initiated – The Final Salute.
  • An over-head page will announce “Code Red, White & Blue room XXX.”
  • The Chaplain, Security and the House Supervisor will go to the patient’s room.
  • Veteran staff members may also go to the room to attend the deceased and serve as a voluntary “Honor Guard.” They may participate in draping the veteran’s body with the Stars & Stripes cart cover.
  • The “Honor Walk” will then commence. Taps will be played over the hospital intercom as the Honor Guard escorts the body to the awaiting hearse in the front of the hospital. All associates are asked to show respect by pausing briefly. Associates and visitors in the vicinity are asked to momentarily stand reverently as the stretcher passes by. They may pay their respect by placing their right hand over their heart or salute if the associate is also a veteran.
  • Upon hearing the announcement – any associates who are available are encouraged to assemble in the front lobby forming two lines between which the body will pass.
  • The deceased Veteran will be transported through the front lobby and loaded in front of the hospital. Upon reaching the funeral home vehicle, the Honor Guard will stand reverently and the Hospital Chaplain may say a few words as the deceased is loaded.
Part Three
Veterans Memorial Garden

In keeping with our Ascension and Ascension Providence values, Ascension Providence has dedicated a special garden area on the hospital grounds, to pay homage to the great sacrifices our Veterans have made and continue to make for our country.

  • In 2019, a beautiful Veterans Memorial Garden will be dedicated at Ascension Providence.
  • The Memorial Garden will include two custom granite benches have been placed in the shade of the trees.
  • Red, white and blue flowers are planted around the area.
  • Four Veteran Only parking spaces have been assigned adjacent to the Memorial Garden and the curbs are painted red, white & blue.
  • Passing in front of the Memorial will be a “Walkway of Honor” with the emblems of the six branches of the military and the Presidential Seal etched and painted in the sidewalk.
  • Veterans may park in the special Veterans Only spaces, take the Walkway of Honor by the Memorial Garden and enter the hospital.

Click here to make a financial donation to support this program, or call 254.751.4762 to learn more.