Champagne Luncheon & Style Show

Providence Champagne Luncheon & Style Show

The Providence Champagne Luncheon & Style Show will be held again in 2021. The Providence Gala will be in 2020 instead of the Style Show.

2021 Champagne Luncheon & Providence Style Show

What’s going to be the newest fashion trends for spring and summer? Join us in 2021 to find out!

The latest fashions will be brought to you by Waco’s local boutiques and elite department stores. Showcased will be everything from elegant evening gowns and suits for the next big Waco event, after 5 night-on-the town fashions, business attire, fun-casual outfits, clothing for your next beach vacation, and those oh-so-comfortable-but-cute outfits for your lounge days! You’ll know exactly where to find your favorite styles
after this show!