COVID-19 Response Fund

Supporting those affected by coronavirus, COVID-19

Providence Foundation has established a new COVID-19 Response Fund to meet the unprecedented challenges our community is facing.

Your gift will support our efforts and community by:

  • Helping poor and vulnerable patients cover healthcare costs related to COVID-19 such as covering co-pays for Ascension Online Care for uninsured or underinsured patients or helping offset the substantial costs of screening and treating should a patient be affected.
  • Helping cover hospital’s equipment or program needs related to COVID-19 response such as our efforts to obtain personal protective equipment for our caregivers or helping offset the costs of screening and treating affected patients cared for in our facilities.
  • Supporting caregivers’ needs or hardships in result of COVID-19 by providing reimbursement for services such as mental health support, additive childcare costs, or undue hardships.

Right now, your gifts are more important than ever. Thank you for your support.