Providence Foundation Board of Trustees

“I have a real appreciation for this hospital. I got to see first hand the passion that the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff have for each patient while I was in the hospital.” -Johnny Mankin, Board Chair

Board of Trustees

Johnny Mankin, Chairman of the Board
Gary B. Young, Vice Chair of the Board
Diane G. McEachern, Treasurer
Sloan Kuehl, Secretary
Brian P. Bivona
Chris DeCluitt
Virginia DuPuy
Cynthia D. Hayes
Rodney G. Kroll
Ed Page
Elisa Dillard Rainey
Margaret Ratliff
Rodney C. Richie, M.D.
Charles A. Shoultz, Jr., M.D.
Jeffery R. White, M.D.

Life Trustees

Anne L. Aynesworth
Kent A. Keahey
Timothy D. Martindale, M.D.
Thomas G. Salome
Terry W. Stevens
Gloria D. Young