Quality & Patient Safety

For more than a century, the Ascension Providence has established a tradition of service and clinical excellence in the Waco area.

Ascension Providence is committed to providing the highest quality, safest care possible for you and your loved ones. As a patient, you rely on our team of physicians, nurses, and other caregivers, but you, too, play a vital role. We depend on you to help us provide care that is safe, efficient, and as practical as possible. We encourage you to take an active role in this effort by becoming an involved and informed participant on our healthcare team.

Person-Centered Care

Person-centered care is our sacred promise to be here for you — to make sure your experience at Ascension Providence is always exceptional. We believe that providing Person-Centered Care is one of the most effective ways to ensure the highest quality and safest care possible.


WELCOME YOU. We will accept you as part of our Ascension Providence family with access to all services and timely response to your needs.

RESPECT YOU. We will get to know you and understand what is important to you.

INCLUDE YOU. We will listen to you and your family and work as a team to provide care that is holistic and personal.

CONNECT YOU. We will keep you “in the loop” with reliable healthcare information that is relevant to you.

PROTECT YOU. We will work as a team to coordinate and integrate your care and to make your safety a top priority.

ENGAGE YOU. We will ensure that you are part of important decisions that affect the outcome of your treatment.

COMFORT YOU. We will work to prevent all unnecessary suffering whether physical, emotional, or spiritual and to ease your fear and anxiety.