Looking to shed a few pounds? Try these tips for summertime weight loss


Healthy food in heart shaped bowl with stethoscopeSet ‘mid year resolutions’ with these summertime weight loss strategies

 While some of us try and fail to set ‘New Year Resolutions’ to adopt healthier habits in the winter when days are shorter and colder, others may find renewed energy in trying to establish healthy habits to lose weight in the summer months when days are longer and temperatures are warmer. Lizzie Tripp, MS, RD, LD, clinical dietitian at Ascension Providence offers five pointers for those looking to set ‘Mid-Year Resolutions’ for healthy weight loss:


  1. Get outside. One of the best things about summer is the longer days and the warmer weather. You can often find lots of different types of activities that get you moving outside. Any type of activity that you can do outside can count towards burning calories.
  2. Drink wisely. During the summer, we enjoy nice cold beverages. But it’s important to be aware of what is in your favorite cool drink, especially if the beverage has hidden calories and added sugars. Minimize the number of calories you are getting from your drinks and make sure that you are getting enough water. Staying hydrated during the summertime is extremely important. Carry a container of water with you throughout the day.
  3. Pick fresh foods. Summertime is when most fruits/vegetables are in season. That means that you can purchase fresh produce at a much cheaper price compared with in the wintertime. Stock up on these nutritiously dense fruits and vegetables throughout the summer. These produce items are also low in calories and high in vitamins/minerals which helps keep your body functioning well.
  4. Get plenty of rest. With the longer days during the summer, we often want to do more things and end up getting less sleep. But sleeping is the one time your body gets to relax, rebuild and recharge for the next day. Don’t short yourself the amount of time you sleep. Try to get to bed at a decent time and aim for 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night. When it comes to weight loss, getting adequate rest will help your body lose weight.
  5. Avoid late night snacks. If you are getting adequate sleep and going to bed earlier you are often able to avoid late night snacking. This is such a stumbling block for people and often people end up eating empty calories. If you want to decrease your calorie intake to lose weight, you should hold off on eating a few hours before bedtime. Often people have cravings for unhealthy food items and overeat during the late night hours. You can avoid this temptation entirely by going to bed earlier.