Celebrating 30 Years of Love and Personal Care


Robert and Patricia WilcoxRobert and Patricia Wilcox have a lot of things in common. As they celebrate 30 years of marriage this year, their union exemplifies teamwork. Both are Ascension Providence family doctors who have been caring for Waco families since the early 90s. Their bonds to the community in which they work, love and pray continue to strengthen with every passing year.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Partners in practice as well as in life, the Wilcoxes maintain an unflagging commitment to their vocation, their family and their faith. They have three children and their family is active in their church, where both Robert and Patricia teach Sunday school. With so many responsibilities, you may wonder how they find the time to connect and nurture their relationship.

“Being in the same profession gives us a unique understanding of our day-to-day,” Patricia says. “When we collaborate about work, we understand the certain stresses, joys, triumphs and challenges that come with it.”

Being Called to Heal

Robert and Patricia WilcoxRobert Wilcox understands that being a physician isn’t an occupation so much as a calling. He regards the work he does as an opportunity to care for each patient as a whole person, respecting their innate humanity. That’s the essence of Humancare.

“There is something very sacred and special about being in a room with a patient — caring for them, ministering to their medical, physical, mental and spiritual needs,” Wilcox explains.

At Ascension Providence, we recognize that partnerships like the ones the Wilcoxes enjoy benefit all of us. The strength and inspiration they derive from their marriage shines outward through the invaluable work they do to care for all who come through their doors.