Personal Care Offers Sustenance for Body and Soul


Food is essential to life, and we often eat what’s in front of us with little thought of where it came from. It can be easy to overlook the dedication of those who prepare our food and provide such a vital source of nourishment, especially at a busy place like Ascension Providence, where so much happens every day.

As a leader within the nutritional services team, Kimberly Ridge faces an array of challenges as she works to coordinate hearty, healthy meals each day. From staffing shortages to unhappy patients to the many demands on her team, Kim rises to each occasion with unwavering consistency and heart.

Breaking Bread, Building Community

Kim’s contribution to Ascension Providence goes far beyond her leadership position. Whether she’s listening to personal stories in the dining room or visiting a patient’s bedside to ensure they’re enjoying their food, Kim endeavors to make each person feel seen, heard and valued. She creates a space in our retail area and inpatient services where our associates are encouraged to think of every patient and customer as a family member.

At Ascension Providence, compassionate care is central to our mission. Kim works to foster a sense of community and teamwork within our associates through her kind nature and firm but fair enforcement of our policies. Surpassing expectations with her steady focus, humble service and ceaseless integrity, Kim is a shining example of personal care in action. Like countless associates, Kim may not be the face of Ascension Providence, but she’s certainly the heart of it.