Ascension Providence Commercial Features Locals With a Talent for Personal Care


Kurt Kurtz and Pat Johnson don’t just play humans on TV. They are your neighbors and part of Ascension Providence, transforming healthcare into personal care.

Kurt KurtzKurt joined Ascension Providence in 2002, and has served as the Director of Pharmacy for the past five years. Kurt’s passion comes from taking care of patients by ensuring they get the great care they need during their stay in the hospital and beyond. “Personal care, to me, means we take care of the whole person—not just during the acute phase. We provide care throughout a person’s life. As a pharmacist, I get to advocate for the patient, and we treat each person as if they were in our own family,” he said.

pat johnsonPat, a sales clerk in the Little Blessings Boutique at Ascension Providence, started volunteering at Ascension Providence with her husband in 2007 after they both retired. For Pat, volunteering provided a reason to get dressed and out of the house each day, but what began as a four hour per week commitment evolved into a 20-hour part time job. “I just love taking care of our customers and associates. Folks are always pleasantly surprised and thankful for the help we provide. My work here gives me a reason to keep moving each day!”