Voiding Stress Cystogram

A cystogram is an X-ray examination of the urinary bladder, which is located in the lower pelvic area. A cystogram can show the bladder’s position and shape, and the exam often is used to diagnose or rule out a prolapsed bladder. Cystograms also are used to detect polyps or tumors in the bladder. Iodine contrast is put into the bladder through a catheter and radiographic images are taken with a fluoroscopic camera. You are required to stand for part of the test. The exam generally takes 30 minutes to 1 hour.

How Should I Prepare for the Procedure?

  • You may eat, drink and continue normal activity before the test
  • A nurse will have to sterilize the area and start a catheter prior to the exam

For Your Safety, Be Sure to Inform the Technologists Of:

  • Allergies you may have
  • Pregnancy or possible pregnancy
  • Any previous surgery
  • Medications you’re currently taking

After Your Test

You may resume your normal daily activities. Your radiographs will be reviewed by the radiologist, and your personal physician will receive a report of the findings. Your physician then will advise you of the results and discuss what further procedures, if any, are needed.