Academic & Social Based Therapy Clinic

Ascension Providence Outpatient Rehabilitation envisions after-school programming that will provide our community with highest quality therapy, research and education as it relates to fostering the best possible outcomes for children and their parents. Ascension Providence has committed itself to building a high quality resource for the many families who were struggling to find services for their children. Our goal is to ensure that we are meeting the growing needs of the many children across Central Texas.

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Speech Therapy-Based Clinics

Our speech-language pathologists’ goal is to help children to become successful communicators and independent language learners by tailoring our programs specific to each child’s needs.

Ready to Read!

Ages 4 to 6
Help your early reader build foundational phonemic awareness skills with this intensive pre-literacy program. Children in this program learn letter recognition, sound/symbol association and easy sight words.

Read to Succeed!

Ages 7 to 10
Boost your reader’s confidence with this literacy program for early elementary students who are reading below grade level. Your child will make significant gains in phonics, reading rules, long/short vowels, digraphs, diphthongs and word-attack skills, fluency and comprehension, and will develop confidence and a love of reading.

All Aboard for Auditory Processing

Ages 7 to 12
Increase your child’s ability to focus with this intensive program for remediation of auditory processing, recalling information, following directions and attention skills. This group session includes intervention with Interactive Metronome® and Earobics® software.

Clinics with Occupational Therapy-Based Approach

Many people are surprised to hear that children participate in occupational therapy, because we usually associate the term “occupation” with jobs adults perform. However, there is a broader view of “occupations” that include children’s activities such as playing, learning and socializing with friends.

Fine Motor FUNdamentals

Ages 5 to 8
Does your child have difficulties picking up and manipulating small objects, assembling toys and/or using both hands together to complete a task like cutting paper?

Our fine motor skills group is designed to improve the strength and coordination of your child’s hands and fingers in a fun and engaging environment with activities your kids will love!