Emergency Care



Providence Emergency Care

Serving a seven county area in Central Texas, Providence Healthcare Network is a leader in emergency care. With state of the art equipment, highly trained physicians, 51 multifunctional rooms, the Providence Emergency Department delivers fast, effective and compassionate care to patients.

Providence emergency physicians and healthcare professionals are equipped to meet the needs of patients including stroke, geriatric and pediatric care. Full service radiology in the ED, wireless and portable equipment and digital imaging decreases wait time and enhances patient care.

Emergency department physicians are available at all times and specialty physicians are available on an on-call basis. Emergency department physicians maintain communication with your primary care practitioner to ensure comprehensive care.

A large, comfortable waiting area and specially designed family rooms and suites provide comfort for both patient and family. We encourage families to stay with the patient and keep family members informed.

Our team of professionals at Providence provides emergency care with a personal touch. When an emergency happens, there is no one more important than you.

The emergency department is open 24 hours a day and is located on the northwest side of the hospital, off Londonderry.