At Ascension Providence, we consider every birth a miracle, and are delighted you have picked us to help you prepare for this wonderful event. To facilitate your birth experience, we have designed several classes ranging from Prepared Childbirth to Breastfeeding Basics. Many couples expressed the need for a class that would work with their busy schedules so we created a special 1-Day Class with them in mind. Listening to your needs ensures that we can give you a great start on your parenting adventure!

Family Life Class Schedule 2019

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Class Schedule

3-Week Childbirth Class

Parents new to the birth process often feel anxiety as the event approaches. The goal of this series is to reduce fear by equipping parents with the information they need to make informed decisions. The series provides information on third trimester health, the signs and stages of labor, comfort techniques and involvement of the labor partner. Couples will be introduced to childbirth procedures, anesthesia, cesarean birth and what to expect after delivery, including routine newborn procedures. The class also includes a tour of the newly remodeled Labor & Delivery and Postpartum units.

1-Day Childbirth Class

The single-day class was designed to accommodate schedules that vary from week to week. Topics are identical to those taught in the 3-Week Childbirth series, but formatted to a convenient one-day class.

Breastfeeding Basics

Research confirms that breastfeeding education helps a mother meet her breastfeeding goals. This single-session class explains how breastfeeding is initiated and maintained, separating the myths from the realities. Topics range from latch techniques and the truth about milk supply to returning to work, with the underlying goal of building the new mother’s confidence. Husbands or other support persons are welcome to attend with the mother. This class is free to those registered for childbirth classes.

Newborn Care Class

This helpful class for new parents focuses on the care of a newborn infant. A range of topics are discussed: new family changes, breast/bottle feeding, infant safety, when to call the doctor and comfort techniques for a crying newborn.  Time is also spent practicing basic care such as swaddling, diapering and bathing your infant.