Lung Nodule Clinic

If you have a chest X-ray or CT scan that reports finding one or more lung nodules, the Lung Nodule Clinic at Ascension Medical Group Providence Lung Clinic is a nearby resource for further diagnosis and treatment.

At the Lung Nodule Clinic, we understand that  “a spot on your lung” is unsettling to you and your family. But not all spots are malignant. If we do find cancer, our pledge to you is to provide the finest and most compassionate care possible.

Following your doctor’s referral, our pulmonary specialist will review the study reporting the lung nodules and, if appropriate, will schedule you for a chest X-ray, a CT scan or a biopsy to obtain a tissue sample. These tests help determine if further evaluation or treatment is necessary.

The Lung Nodule clinic includes collaboration by pulmonary, cardiovascular, radiology and pathology specialists to evaluate and implement a treatment plan.

What Is a Lung Nodule?

A lung nodule is a small growth on your lung. The vast majority of lung nodules are benign. The LNC will help find these nodules that may in fact be early malignancies.

Your Nurse Navigator

At the Lung Nodule Clinic, we want you and your family, your primary doctor, and our specialists to work together for the best possible care. Our nurse navigator will coordinate all aspects of your care to ensure that you always know what is happening – and why.

How to Schedule an Appointment

Your doctor can schedule an appointment by calling our nurse navigator at 254-751-4808. In most cases, you’ll be seen within a week. Our goal is to schedule necessary procedures within a week so that a timely diagnosis can be made.

Minimally Invasive Technology

The Lung Nodule Clinic at Ascension Medical Group Providence Lung Clinic utilizes state-of-the-art technology to access nodules deep in your lungs as well as your lymph nodes. Our specialists can diagnose benign and malignant lung lesions while avoiding the need for higher-risk procedures.

Waco Lung Nodule Clinic Collaboration/Partners


Ascension Medical Group Providence Lung Clinic

  • Rodney C. Richie, MD
  • Maydee Rosario-Reglero, MD
  • Mark S. Klepper, MD
  • Boris A. Murillo, MD


Ascension Medical Group Providence Cardiovascular Clinic

  • D. Jeffrey Young, MD
  • Richard E. Helmer, IV, MD


  • William A. Peper, MD


Texas Oncology

  • Robert L. Anderson, MD
  • Carl G. Chakmakjian, DO
  • Carlos A. Encarnacion, MD
  • Thomas J. Harris, MD
  • Ofobuike N. Okani, MD

Radiation Oncology

Texas Oncology

  • Nathan E. Hilton, MD
  • D. Nathan Kim, MD, Ph.D.


Waco Radiology, P.A.

  •        Nathan B. Forrest, DO
  •        Howard N. Klaskin, MD
  •        Amy R. McCourt, MD
  •        Gustavo G. Villarreal, Jr., MD

Interventional Radiology

Waco Radiology, P.A.

  •        Adam M. Borowski, MD
  •        James E. Olmsted, MD
  •        Dennis L. Parks, MD
  •        Kathleen A. Sorensen, MD
  •        Jeffery R. White, MD


Central Texas Pathology Laboratory, P.A.

  • Larry W. Cartmell, Jr., MD
  • Cary D. Chisholm, MD
  • Gary F. Geldmeier, MD
  • Douglas B. Michaels, MD
  • Edwin B. Morrison, MD
  • Alan D. Northcutt, MD
  • Claudius E. Robinson, MD
  • Daniel A. Smith, DO
  • Christopher N. Thompson, MD