Healthcare Maintenance and Treatment for Children

Ascension Providence Pediatric Clinics has the physicians, staff and resources to provide a wide range of pediatric healthcare services for infants, children and adolescents from ages 0 to 18.

  • Newborn care at Ascension Providence Hospital
  • Inpatient hospitalizations for our patients at Ascension Providence Hospital
  • Coordination of care with pediatric sub-specialists from Cook Children’s, Dell Children’s and Scott & White, as well as other pediatric subspecialty groups throughout the region
  • Routine well-child evaluations
  • Immunizations
  • Childhood growth evaluation
  • Health assessments for adolescents
  • Weight control diagnosis and management
  • Acute illnesses diagnosis and treatment: fever, runny nose, ear infections, sore throat, cough, respiratory infections, vomiting and diarrhea, reflux, rashes, eczema
  • ADHD evaluation and management
  • Allergy assessment and treatment
  • Developmental and behavioral assessments
  • Migraines and other headaches: evaluation and treatment
  • Asthma diagnosis and management
  • Extremity injuries evaluation and treatment: strains, sprains, fractures
  • Acne care, simple laceration repair, ingrown toenail removal, wart removal, menstrual cycle irregularities… and much more

It’s Cold and Flu Season

Ascension Providence Pediatric Clinic recommends that your children receive professional diagnosis and treatment from our experts in child healthcare. And remember, the medications that parents use and buy over-the-counter can actually be harmful for young children. Be safe… get the right treatment for the right ailment for your child at Ascension Providence Pediatrics. And don’t gamble with the flu: vaccinate your children 6 months and older.

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