Additional Services

Boutique Gift Shop

At the Boutique Gift Shop at Ascension Providence Breast Health Center, you will find a variety of novelty items, including spiritually-themed gifts, self-pampering items and breast cancer awareness merchandise. It’s a perfect place to pick up a gift for a loved one going through breast cancer treatment. You can even find the same waffle-weave robes that patients at the center enjoy.

The gift shop is conveniently located in the Ascension Providence Breast Health Center for our patients and their guests. Refreshments are available for sale for those waiting on a loved one. It’s also a fun place to pass the time looking through books or reading funny cards.

The gift shop is not only available to our patients, but to anyone in the community looking for that perfect, unique gift item. Many people come in search of encouraging books and designer headscarves. Others enjoy novelty items such as designer handbags and perfumes.

The Boutique Gift Shop at Ascension Providence Breast Health Center is brought to you by the Volunteer Services of Ascension Providence Hospital.

DME Certified Prosthetic Fitter

Our prosthetic fitter is located in a private area of the boutique at Ascension Providence Breast Health Center. Here you can find breast prosthetics and bras, post-surgical garments, hot flash gowns, wigs, cancer treatment-friendly lotions and other pampering products. Our experienced prosthetic fitter is available to make sure you get a prosthetic that is just the right fit for your body and will work with your lifestyle.

It is conveniently located in Ascension Providence Breast Health Center so that breast cancer survivors can pick up a new bra or prosthetic when they come for their annual mammogram. Pre-treatment patients can also pick up their post-surgical camisoles when they come in for their pre-surgery consultation.

The DME is open for all ladies in our community needing these items. Almost all insurances are accepted and most cover a prosthetic and a couple of new bras each year so be sure and stop by to see our selection.

Resource Library

A resource library is available to anyone in our community looking for educational information about women’s health. Our library is stocked with tons of literature related to breast health and also houses books and brochures on other women’s health topics such as lymphedema, pelvic floor muscles and stroke. We also have a computer with links to online resources and videos.

Women with breast cancer are encouraged to bring their family and friends to the library so they can learn and support the patient throughout treatment and recovery. Our nurse navigator can help you find just what you’re looking for, as well as answer any questions you may have.

Nurse Navigator

At Ascension Providence Breast Health Center, our exclusive nurse navigator serves as a personal resource to women and families who may be facing various treatment options. She will guide you through all our services, acting as a liaison to enhance the quality and continuity of care. The nurse navigator will be there for you when you need medical information, assistance with schedules and appointments and when you and your family need a shoulder to lean on.