“This is the first time I ever enjoyed this treatment, everything was delightful.”

“Awesome! From the minute I came through the door, the staff was so efficient and friendly. The facility is beautiful and so relaxing. My only complaint is I didn’t get to stay long enough!”

“This was my first year and thank you for the awesome care! It was fast, but so pleasant. This turned out to be a pleasant experience considering I was not looking forward to my first mammogram. Looking forward to it next year!”

“Best experience I’ve had getting a mammogram. Everyone was so pleasant. Your new facility made me feel very special. Thank you!”

“The staff was very friendly. Soft music that calmed your nerves, I felt very comforted and warm. It took away all your fears. I appreciate all the staff that made this day wonderful for me. Thank you.”

“What an amazing experience! Never again will I dread my annual mammogram. Thank you so much!”

“I am very impressed with your beautiful facility, but most of all your staff. Everyone was so nice and professional. This experience began with a nervous feeling but my nerves were quickly eased. I will definitely recommend Ascension Providence Breast Health Center to my friends. You have created a medical exam to feel like a spa experience. My news was positive but I feel if it would have been otherwise the support would have been phenomenal. Much appreciation!”

“Thank you so much for your kind and professional treatment. I was amazed at how easy you made something that I was foolishly dreading!”

“Very nice! The entire visit was less stressful because of the friendly people and the setting. Very peaceful and serene.”

“On time. Very quick. Everyone nice, professional, and helpful!”

“Best Mammogram ever! Loved the “spa” atmosphere. Staff was great and the coffee was a wonderful idea!”

“This was a very pleasant experience. The facility is beautiful and relaxing, I hated to leave. Thank you for making an unpleasant experience, more pleasant.”

“This is the first time I ever enjoyed this treatment. Everything was delightful.”

“Wonderful! This is the nicest women’s clinic or Health Center I have ever been to – across the U.S. Everything was so clean and pretty! Lovely music, beautiful pictures, loved the big-mirrored cabinet and the nice robe to wear, personnel all very nice!”

” Love the “spa-like” atmosphere! Best mammo ever!”

“Everyone was extremely nice and cordial. Love the atmosphere here. Had a very good experience at the breast health center. I wish my work environment was as pleasant. ”

“Very relaxing. Nice personnel. No lengthy wait!”