Your first impression of Ascension Providence Breast Health Center is sure to be a pleasant one with our friendly staff of registrars and schedulers. They will have you registered and on your way to relaxing in the lounge in no time.

Radiologist & Technologists

A highly trained group of caring technologists are licensed to perform quality digital mammograms, breast ultrasounds, and bone density scans. They are able to answer many of your breast health concerns and assist you with any breast problems you may be experiencing.

Radiologists are on site all week to read and interpret images and assist in breast biopsies and needle localizations. They have extensive experience and are specially trained to read digital breast images. They work closely with the technologists on diagnostic imaging to make sure we obtain the most accurate images possible.


You will also have access to a group of surgeons who will be providing diagnostic workups throughout the week. These surgeons have been trained to do both ultrasound-guided and stereotactic core needle biopsies as well as needle localizations. They will also perform a variety of breast health care services at our center.

Nurse Navigator

Our unique nurse navigator specializes in breast health care and will be available to you for a variety of different needs. She is a wealth of knowledge on breast health care and can explain breast cancer treatment options to allow patients to make the best decisions. She can also point you toward invaluable resources such as support groups, mastectomy garments, prosthetics and informational material. The nurse navigator will work closely with the surgeons to coordinate follow-up care for our patients.


We are privileged to have a key group of physicians from different disciplines to help us better serve our patients. Our advisory board consists of radiologists, surgeons, plastic surgeons, OB/GYNS, primary care physicians, oncologists and pathologists. We work closely with these providers and other community organizations to provide numerous resources for our patients.


Multidisciplinary Providers

A multidisciplinary team of breast cancer treatment providers meet biweekly to discuss all diagnosed cases at our Breast Tumor Conference. Participants include radiologists, pathologists, surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, plastic surgeons, pharmacists and representatives from support organizations such as the American Cancer Society. Each diagnosed patient is taken into consideration to ensure the best treatment plan for survival that will fit with the patient’s lifestyle and treatment goals.