Pediatric Clinic - Medical Plaza

Clinic policies

At Providence our mission is to provide your children the best care at all times and to accommodate as many requests as is realistically and feasibly possible. It is within this context that we ask you to take a moment to review policies that affect the way services are provided to you and your children. We will begin enforcing these policies on August 1, 2012.

In the Office

  • Schedule an appointment by calling (254)224-8188: Same-day appointments are available for all sick visits, and will be given the first open time slot. Walk-in patients are also offered the first available appointment.
  • Arrive early: Please remember that all insurances require that your insurance data be updated prior to each visit.  Understandably this takes a few minutes. If this is not done, your insurance may deny your claim. When possible we like to complete these administrative requirements before your scheduled appointment, so that it does not use up your time with the doctor.
  • Late Arrivals: If you are more than 10 minutes late for your scheduled appointment, you will be worked in at the next available time slot. We will do everything possible to get your child seen as soon as possible. However, this might mean that patients who arrived on time will be seen ahead of those who arrived late.
  • Call ahead if you are late or need to cancel/reschedule your appointment time. We will do all that we can to accommodate your child’s appointment and to minimize the need to reschedule your appointment whenever possible.
  • No Shows: After the first and second missed appointments, the family will be notified by letter of our office policy. The appointments may be rescheduled by the family. Multiple no showed appointments may result in the dismissal of you and your family from the clinic.
  • Appointment for siblings, or additional children, should be made prior to coming to the office. If, however, you decide you would like another child seen after arriving to clinic, you will need to schedule their appointment at the front desk. They will be scheduled as a walk-in patient and offered the first available time slot. Please understand that this may or may not mean that your walk-in appointment is at the same time as the previously scheduled appointment.
  • Please turn off all cell phones while in the examination rooms with our staff.
  • Please be respectful and courteous to other patients and all Providence staff while in the clinic. Use of inappropriate language, elevated voices and threats will not be tolerated, and may result in the dismissal of your family from the clinic. 

Thank you for allowing us to participate in the care of your children. Together, we hope to ensure that they have every opportunity to grow up happy and healthy.

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