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Rooted in our mission since 1905, providing excellent experiences for every patient, family and visitor is the goal our teams strive for in the care and service provided. The roots of our mission remain and the goal of the Providence Experience is to provide excellent care and service to all who come to our ministry for their healthcare needs.

To continue the mission of compassion and vision of excellence for life, our teams at Providence understand the importance of understanding what our patients desire from their healthcare provider.  Providing the care and service our patients desire is guided by the voices of our patients and families. 

Patient Experience Award

Providence Healthcare Network has been named among the top 10% of hospitals in the nation identified as providing outstanding performance in the delivery of a positive experience for patients during their hospital stay, as measured by Healthgrades. Click here for more information.

Professional Research Consultants & Satisfaction Loyalty Surveys

Providence has partnered with Professional Research Consultants (PRC), a research firm that specializes in conducting patient satisfaction surveys. PRC is conducting phone satisfaction surveys on recent Providence patients who have stayed in an Inpatient area or visited the Emergency Department, Minor Care, Outpatient Services or have had Outpatient Surgery. 

Will Professional Research Consultants (PRC) Be Calling Me?

PRC randomly selects patients to conduct phone interviews on shortly after a patient has been discharged.  These surveys are conducted to gain further insight on the experience the patient had at Providence.  It is highly encouraged that patients participate in the phone surveys as any feedback on what we do well or where we have an opportunity to improve is essential in our ongoing efforts to provide the highest level of healthcare excellence.

All information obtained from PRC is managed in a confidential and professional manner.

Dedicated to assuring the highest possible level of Quality & Safety in our facility, this program is simply another way Providence is taking proactive measures to raise the standards in our care as well as provide a means to obtain valuable feedback from our patients, families and visitors.

What Excellence Looks Like:

  • Faces of Excellence – It's important to know everyone with a Providence badge represents Providence Healthcare Network. Through our daily interactions with visitors, patients and one another, each of us contributes to what the Providence ministry is all about.
  • Voices of Our Patients – All our employees play an integral part in the healing and saving of lives every day.  The strong teams of Providence work hard to exceed the expectations of every patient and family that comes to the ministry for their care. Providence celebrates our associates today and every day for their commitment to the Mission and Vision of Providence.  Click on the links to see the patient comments from Professional Research Consultants surveys. 

Professional Research Consultants Loyalty Scores

The PRC Loyalty survey contains questions regarding a patient’s entire experience ranging from the team work between nurses, doctors and staff, to the compassion shown in the care provided. The scale that is provided to patients to evaluate their care and service on includes:

  • Excellent
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor

For more information or to submit a compliment or concern, please email us