Providence would like to recognize the members listed below for providing excellent service and compassionate care to our patients, families and visitors.

 3 East

"I had a nurse, Cat, who was so good. If I could take her home I would."

"The nurses were outstanding, every one of them. Polite, professional, made me feel like I was at home comfortable." 

"They explained my illness and how I was to take care of it from this point forward very well."

"I appreciated the quality of care and the cleanliness. Everything in general. The nurses were very personal. They wanted to get to know me."

"The overall care was outstanding, the nurses were excellent, the night nurse Linda was very good."

"The nurses' and doctors' concerns and feeling were overwhelming and heaven sent."

"I enjoyed the nurses and the treatment. I had no problems. They were good on the nursing care. If you needed any medicine or anything they were always there." 

3 North

"I thought the nurses were very kind and the housekeepers. Everyone who came in the room from the staff was very courteous."

"From time got there, no one in the entire hospital was out of sorts in any way. They looked like they enjoyed their job; it made my hospital stay better." 

"It was all outstanding. I think the teamwork of the Dialysis Center was fantastic. They worked together like they have been together forever. They never stood around when they were not doing anything, they would be helping someone else."

"The amount of involvement of the nursing team in my care and treatment was wonderful. Charles was great. He was calm and very comforting and had great bedside manner. I enjoyed him. He worked nights."  

"The aides, (Debra) were really good. Amanda came in sometimes when my nurse wasn't available. She was very nice. The Responsiveness of the nurses was really outstanding. They treat you like you are the only one."

3 South

"My nurses, they were awesome...the nurses and the CNA's."

"The care of the nurses was great. They would come and ask if I needed anything and they told me whatever I needed. I liked that very much."

"Overall, my experience was outstanding."

"The people care so much. You can tell they care for you."

"The nurses care. They were about the finest bunch of nurses I had ever seen."

"Nurses were great. If in pain, they would take care of it. They listened to anything I said and communicate to the doctors. All the nurses and doctors are great."

"The politeness of everybody was outstanding. I was treated politely, people were friendly going down hallways, the nurses would say hi to me. One nurse, Gabbi, was extra friendly. She was my room nurse."

4 East

"There was one nurse, Steve. He would listen and answer my questions, took the time to do that.
The nurses responded to everything I needed in a timely manner."

"I thought all of it was outstanding. Very satisfied with all of it. I was very impressed with knowledge of doctors, quality and care that nurses gave."

"I was higly impressed with the nursing staff's efficiency. I was greatly impressed."

"All the nurses that I had were prompt and very good. Their names were Cynthia, Karen and Isabelle."

"I loved the friendliness of everyone working at the hospital. All were kind and considerate."

"There was one nurse there who was very outstanding, Linda. She was very caring and helped me in every way."

4 North

"The nurses were outstanding. They were nice and made sure I had everything I needed. I didn't have to keep pressing the buzzer for them to come in. They would come in and check if I was in pain or if I needed more pillows."

"The nurse was above and beyond courteous. An interest in my case, as a person. The nurse engaged me in conversation.
The nurses had compassion and made sure I was informed on what was going on."

"Everything was very good, they were professional and I felt comfortable being there."

"The aides were absolutely outstanding; very caring and responsive. They were busy but they were wonderful about  helping me. Amanda was absolutely terrific, and Lea was very good as well."

"My entire hospital stay was excellent. The nurses, the doctor and the technicians were wonderful."

"The nurses were outstanding and very compassionate. They explained everything to me...what I should expect. They told me all the little things I needed to know."

4 South

"Nurse Megan was excellent. She was above and beyond all the other nurses. She explained everything very well and was there for anything I needed. She was very compassionate."

"Everything was outstanding to me. They treated me so nice."

"The care provided was outstanding. They nurses and doctors were very concerned. The housekeepers were good about keeping my area clean."

"I was in the military for 24 years. What really touched me was they way I was treated and cared for. I really had no other family, was out of town. The staff for both shifts were very caring, they gave that family experience for me. It was an A+
Nurses were outstanding. The RN's on the night staff, they were unbelievably good. They did potty duty and made you feel like you were the only patient."

"The dedication of the nurses was outstanding."

"The care I got from nurses, staff and therapists was great. They were all concerned about my health. My heart rate dropped low, one nurse sat on the bed with me until it came back up. You could tell she was really concerned; they were all concerned."

5th Floor

"The nurses in Labor and Delivery especially, were awesome. They took very good care of me. They were very caring and made it feel comfortable in my labor process. Christine, a nurse in Labor and Delivery was great."

"The nurses gave me a lot of respect and are very supportive. The atmosphere in the rooms were very nice and made it comfortable. Nurse Stephanie was kind, worked with me and gave me advice. Nurses Connie, Nada, Jennifer and Michelle, were beyond good."

"There were a couple of nurses that were extremly helpful: Melissa and Michelle. They were just extremely helpful and courteous to me and my husband."

"Candace was excellent. The midwife who delivered my baby was excellent too."

"My labor nurse, Christine, had excellent bedside manner."

"The Labor and Delivery nurse Ashley was there through the whole process and was great at communicating and made us feel comfortable."

"The Post-Partum nurses and midwife. They gave use good attention and gave very personalized care."


"My care in the Intensive Care Unit was great. They were constantly checking on me and were extremely attentive."

"The entire experience was superb. The staff was helpful, timely and there when we needed them."

"I enjoyed the quality of care from the nurses after surgery. They were great, efficient and understanding. In general, friendly. I felt at ease and comfortable."

"Everything they did was outstanding. They treated me with respect, I did not have to ring the bell for someone to check on me. I never had such care in my life... must be angels."

"The nurses, doctors and other staff made me feel at home away from home."

"The nurses that were on duty were extremely attentive and they went above and beyond the call of duty. I was very pleased.
They treated me good and made sure they took care of my needs."


"The employee at the registration desk was very customer service oriented and was very concerned about ensuring my privacy."

"The girl I talked to at the admitting desk, when I first went in, was super nice."

"Checking in at Admitting was very easy."

"I got in and registered with ease. Everyone was very nice and helpful and it was very clean."

"I think the admission process was excellent."

"The check in procedure was outstanding. The professionalism they possess is excellent."