Faces of Excellence

Providence Experience: Creating Excellent Experiences

Providing excellent care and service is not an easy accomplishment; however, when you have teams with strong leadership, teamwork, and a high level of engaged associates, achieving healthcare excellence is a matter of how we do things at Providence.  The following departments are being recognized for going above and beyond in delivering healthcare excellence that not only gives patients the care and service they need, but the care and service they desire.

3 East was awarded the Faces of Excellence trophy, which is awarded to the area with the highest patient satisfaction results. 3 East recognized Cath Lab with the Teamwork of Excellence award for being key players in providing excellent care and service to patients and families. The excellent care these teams provide is evidenced by the voices of our patients:

“Nursing and the whole thing was outstanding. Doctors on call did an excellent job getting me fixed up and finding out what was wrong with me. Nursing staff was excellent. They were always concerned about how I was feeling and if I was comfortable.”

“The nursing care was outstanding. All the nurses and aides were friendly, nice and compassionate.”

Faces of Excellence- 3 East


Teamwork of Excellence- Cath Lab


A Message from 3 East Nurse Manager:

Thank you for selecting 3 East as the Faces of Excellence.  Our staff is excited to be recognized for the hard work and dedication that we provide for of patients and family members.  We strive to promote teamwork by incorporating each team member in the care of the patients and make every effort to uphold the core values. “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence” -- Vince Lombardi.

-          Jeannine Jennings, RN, BSN

3 East Nurse Manager

4 North was awarded the Drivers of Excellence trophy for their commitment to providing compassionate care and excellent service. 4 North recognized Environmental Services with the Teamwork of Excellence award for playing a vital role in making the Providence Experience successful. The excellent care these teams provide is evidenced by the voices of our patients:

“The nurses were very good at answering the call lights. Having a nurse come when you need them is the best.”

“Everything was outstanding, I didn't want to leave.”

 Driversof Excellence4North

A Message from 4 North Nurse Manager:

4 North are the “Drivers of Excellence” because together we have created a culture of teamwork. We have embraced the FISH philosophy (Be there, Make their day, Play, Choose your attitude) and live it daily, not only to support and provide excellent care for our patients but to support each member of our team and maintain a positive work environment. 4 North would like to recognize Environmental Services as a partner in providing excellent care to patients and their families. As an acute care medical-surgical floor there are times multiple rooms need to be cleaned and prepared for the next patient very quickly. Environmental Services works quickly and efficiently to turnover rooms as well as maintain a clean environment around all work stations, patient nourishment and utility rooms. Each member of 4 North is proud to represent TEAMPROVIDENCE.

-          Summer Godfrey, RN

4 North Nurse Manager

Teamwork of Excellence - Environmental Services