Faces of Excellence

Providence Experience: Creating Excellent Experiences

Providing excellent care and service is not an easy accomplishment; however, when you have teams with strong leadership, teamwork, and a high level of engaged associates, achieving healthcare excellence is a matter of how we do things at Providence.  The following departments are being recognized for going above and beyond in delivering healthcare excellence that not only gives patients the care and service they need, but the care and service they desire.

4 East was awarded the Faces of Excellence trophy, which is awarded to the area with the highest patient satisfaction results. 4 East recognized Inpatient Rehab with the Teamwork of Excellence award for being key players in providing excellent care and service to 4 East patients and families. The excellent care these teams provide is evidenced by the voices of our patients:

The nurses were courteous when I needed to go the bathroom, if I hit the call light they were in there quickly assisting me and I appreciated it.

A couple of nurses tried their best to find out some information about what the four doctors had told me. Different things and they tried to find out the right information.

4 East- Faces of Excellence

4 East

Rehab- Teamwork of Excellence


A Message from 4 East Nurse Manager:

“When Teamwork Works, Everyone wins!” has been 4 East’s motto for the past year. Teamwork is one of the most important requirements for creating excellent patient experiences.   All staff and areas must work collaboratively in order to achieve the best outcomes for our patients.   4 East is proud to recognize the Inpatient Rehabilitative Services, including speech and occupational therapy, as key contributors in creating excellent patient experiences on 4 East. This department works closely with 4 East in the care of the neurosurgical and stroke patients and helps them regain mobility and function and enhanced quality of life. Go TEAMPROVIDENCE!

- Tammy Tillery, RN, Nurse Manager, 4 East   

3 South was awarded the Drivers of Excellence trophy for their commitment to providing compassionate care and excellent service. 3 South recognized our Hospitalist group with the Teamwork of Excellence award for playing a vital role in making the Providence Experience successful. The excellent care these teams provide is evidenced by the voices of our patients:

This hospital has set a standard that is far beyond any other hospital I've ever experienced. They were 100% on top of everything. I've even gotten follow up calls from the doctors to check and see how I was doing and tell me of other things they found.

I was treated very well. The staff they were just excellent. Everything else was excellent.

3 South- Drivers of Excellence

3 South

Hospitalist Group - Teamwork of Excellence

Hospitalists Group 1              Hospitalists Group 3

Hospitalists Group 2

A Message from 3 South Nurse Manager:

3 South is an outstanding team, and I am so proud to be a part of it. The staff is dedicated to giving each patient quality, compassionate care.  Nursing can be a rewarding experience because we can see the lives we have touched and watch our patients overcome obstacles.  On 3 South, we strive to give person-centered care, and our patients are truly grateful. They are the reason we come to work each day.  We all agree that the support from our Hospitalist group has helped us become “Drivers of Excellence.” They have been key in helping us get our patients what they need and listening to our concerns.  A huge thank you to them for their support!

- Crystal Knutson, RN, Nurse Manager, 3 South