Faces of Excellence

Providence Experience: Creating Excellent Experiences

Providing excellent care and service is not an easy accomplishment; however, when you have teams with strong leadership, teamwork, and a high level of engaged associates, achieving healthcare excellence is a matter of how we do things at Providence.  The following departments are being recognized for going above and beyond in delivering healthcare excellence that not only gives patients the care and service they need, but the care and service they desire.

Emergency Department - Faces of Excellence

The Emergency Department was awarded the Faces of Excellence trophy, which is awarded to the area with the highest patent satisfaction results. The ED recognized Providence Volunteer Services with the Teamwork of Excellence award for being key players in providing excellent care and service to ED patients and their families. The excellent care these teams provide is evidenced by the voices of our patients:

“The service of the nurse, doctor and the registration, it was very good and everything went well.”

“The service was excellent and the people were doing their job and they were there to help me.”


A message from the Emergency Department director:

Let’s face it, the ED is usually not a place that a patient finds themselves in electively: patients come because there is something is wrong. The Providence Emergency Department has some of the most wonderful staff in the hospital! We strive to care for individuals who are experiencing an urgent time in their lives in a compassionate and timely manner. It is definitely a group effort—involving the teamwork of many departments—and it takes all of us to accomplish our goal of delivering quality care to 200-250 patients per day. Our volunteers are integral in assisting us in providing a personalized experience for our patients- as they take care of the many needs of both our patients and staff. We treasure them and simply could not provide the level of care that we currently do without them. This teamwork is consistently reflected in the department’s Patient Satisfaction and the overall hospital’s HCAHPS data. We are proud of the care and service we provide, and grateful that patients entrust us with their well-being.

-Kay Gann, Director, Emergency Department


4 South - Drivers of Excellence

4 South was awarded the Drivers of Excellence trophy for their commitment to providing compassionate care and excellent service. 4 South recognized their sister units, 4 South and 4 East with the Teamwork of Excellence award for playing a vital role in making the Providence Experience successful. The excellent care these teams provide is evidenced by the voices of our patients:

“The nursing staff went above and beyond with my care. Overall, nursing staff was excellent, they exceeded my expectations.”

 “You’ve got an excellent facility. Keep the quality of nurses and doctors.”


A message from the 4 South nurse manager:

 I am so proud of the 4 South staff to receive the Driver of Excellence award.  As a manager, I feel so grateful and honored to be part of the team.  I truly believe that the staff’s dedication, professionalism and positive attitude makes a big difference to the patients we serve.  We could not provide such excellent care without the help and support of our team members, 4North and 4East staff and management.  To all of you, "Thank you ..thank you.... thank you!”

-Maria Benitez, 4 South Nurse Manager