Emergency Department

Providence would like to recognize the members listed below for providing excellent service and compassionate care to our patients, families and visitors.


Emergency Department

"The expertise of the nurse, Jay, was great. He was able to quickly diagnose and provide care that was needed.
Everyone was polite and understanding."

"Everything I received in the ED was excellent."

"I thought the explanations were very good. When the doctors were in the room, they were all very nice."

"I just love Providence so much. The nurses and doctor took the time to care for me and they didn't rush."

"Everybody was very nice and informative. If you have to go to the Emergency Room, that's the place to go. They could tell I was a little concerned and tried their best to keep me calm. They made sure I knew what they were doing and why they were doing it."

"The doctor was very good. He had good bedside manner and was very friendly and chipper. He was very friendly and made you feel at ease."

"Very good customer service; they were friendly in trying to make us better."

"The main thing I appreciate is that when you get there they take care of you. There is always somebody out there with you as soon as you walk in. Never any problem in the Emergency Room."

"The nurses were outstanding."

"I loved the care and respect. The nurses were awesome. My family was well taken care of."

"I really think the nurses and doctors were outstanding. I was treated very well, I didn't wait long for anything. The nurses in the Emergency Room were sweet."

"The doctors, I had excellent doctors."

"The overall service was really good. They were polite and understanding."