Wound Care Center

The Providence Wound Care Center® - the only chronic wound center between Dallas and Killeen - provides inpatient and outpatient wound care services. Our Inpatient Nursing Team is able to effectively identify and assist with inpatient wound care needs. And our Outpatient Wound Care Team offers individual patient treatment plans with advanced healing therapies, including the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for wounds that have resisted conventional treatment.

Providence Wound Care Center® utilizes a comprehensive approach to wound care that yields some of the best outcomes in the industry:

  • 92% Healing Rate
  • 93% Limb Salvage Rate
  • 95% Patient Satisfaction Rate

Our skilled physicians and wound care specialists are committed to providing compassionate care with excellence. We offer a full continuum of care through hospital services and pro-active, cost-effective case management. We work with the primary care physician of every patient to determine the most effective course of action and provide progress reports until we are able to return the patient to his/her doctor's care upon completion of wound care treatment.