R.W. Crosthwait, Sr. Rehab Center

The R.W. Crosthwait, Sr. Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center is a natural continuation of the medical services offered at Providence Health Center. The Rehabilitation Center is designed to help each individual regain and maintain his or her maximum quality of life through carefully monitored physical conditioning, an emotionally supportive environment and enhancement of continued compliance to physical guidelines.

Cardiac Rehabilitation A two-phase outpatient program offered in an attractive setting with team support, individualized instruction; utilizing a combination of progressive exercise, education and counseling.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation provides progressive medically supervised exercise and education to individuals with chronic pulmonary disease. The primary goal is to enable and equip the participant and family or significant other(s) to make informed decisions concerning the participant's future health.

Wellness is a state of mind of feeling good about yourself.

The Wellness Program at Providence is designed to administer, evaluate individualized fitness programs – based upon established principles of aerobic conditioning, weight management, optimal nutrition, and the development of a healthy lifestyle.

Community Wellness is offered to persons age 50 and over who are free of heart and lung disease, and hypertension (high blood pressure).

Employee & Volunteer Wellness is open to Providence Health Center (and its divisions) employees and volunteers.

Smoking Cessation Implemented at Providence in April 2004, the smoking cessation program was designed to provide education information and/or 1:1 instructions on discontinuing the use of tobacco.