Protime Clinics

Another of Providence's physician – directed, nurse-managed outpatient clinics is the Protime Clinic for patients on Coumadin (Warfarin) therapy.

Patients on Coumadin (Warfarin Sodium) anticoagulation therapy will be enrolled in the Protime Clinic at the request of the attending physician.

Protime Clinic staff provide comprehensive teaching, schedule and arrange for protime lab, adjust anticoagulation dosage based on clinic guidelines and physician orders, monitor for side effects, manage interruptions in therapy and monitor patient compliance.

The nurse will schedule an initial interview and teaching time with the patient and/or family. Patient assessment and teaching on out-patients and in-patients will be documented and recorded. When possible, family members will be included in the education process.

Patient teaching will include the following information:

  • Name and purpose of the drug
  • Time, strength and method of administration
  • Interaction of other food and drugs
  • Recognition of signs of elevated prothrombin time
  • Notification of other physicians
  • Bleeding precautions
  • Wearing of MediAlert Necklace or Bracelet

Patients enrolled in the Protime Clinic will be issued a Protime Clinic card. Outpatients will register at admitting prior to teaching and a card being issued. The patient will be instructed to present this card at the lab each time their protime is drawn. The Protime Clinic staff will issue a new card every six months after verifying current address and insurance information. Patients will be directed to admitting if there are any changes in address or insurance information.

The Protime Clinic nurse will receive lab results and will adjust the patient's dose of Coumadin according to the Protime Clinic Coumadin Dosing Protocol and the physician's order. The nurse will report to the patient by telephone the results of the lab test. Instructions will be given for any dosage changes and when to report for the next Protime. If a patient is unable to be reached by telephone for 24-48 hours, they are then notified by mail.

Patients will be dismissed from the Protime Clinic upon completion of anticoagulation therapy and discharge order from physician or for continued non-compliance.