What separates an exceptional heart hospital from merely a good one? Outstanding facilities? Cutting edge technology? A highly experienced clinical heart team? The answer is all of the above. All of these qualities are vital to exceptional cardiac care.

At The Heart Hospital at Providence, you can count on renowned facilities, the very latest technology, and a superior team of heart professionals, But, that's just the beginning of the Providence story. Since Providence Hospital first opened its doors in 1905, Central Texans have turned to us for a level of compassion and caring they can believe in. Generations of patient shave entrusted their health to Providence and that's why we founded The Heart Hospital at Providence, "a hospital within a hospital," more than 30 years ago.

Central Texas Cardiology
3416 Hillcrest Drive
Waco, TX 76708
P: (254) 755-8095

  • Jose Garrido, MD

Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia
3000 N IH35, Suite 700
Austin, TX 78705
P: (512) 807-3150
Toll Free: (888) 816-1614

  • Larry Price, DO
  • Javier Sanchez, MD
  • Jason Zagrodzky, MD

Waco Cardiology Associates
7125 Sanger Ave.
Waco, TX 76712
P: (254) 399-5400

  • Charles Shoultz, MD
  • Wayne Falcone, MD
  • Thomas Lundeen, MD
  • Michael Attas, MD
  • Charles Shoultz III, MD
  • Rodney Brown, MD
  • William Pitts, MD
  • Donald (Buck) Cross, MD
  • Andrew Day, MD
  • Sherwin Attai, MD
  • Ganiyu Oshodi, MD