Protime Clinic

The Protime Clinic at Providence is a physician-directed, nurse-managed outpatient clinic for patients on Coumadin (Warfarin) therapy.

Enrollment Questions:
Patients on Coumadin (Warfarin Sodium) anticoagulation therapy will be enrolled in the Protime Clinic at the request of the attending physician. Contact the clinic by calling 254-751-4741.

Protime Clinic staff provide:

  • Comprehensive Teaching
  • Schedule and Arrange for Protime Lab
  • Adjustments on Anticoagulation Dosages
  • Monitoring for Side Effects
  • Managed Interruptions in Therapy
  • Monitoring of Patient Compliance

Patients enrolled in the Protime Clinic will be issued a Protime clinic card. Outpatients will register at admitting prior to teaching and a card will be issued. The patient will be instructed to present this card at the lab each time their protime is drawn.

The Protime Clinic staff will issue a new card periodically after verifying current address and insurance information. Patients will be directed to admitting if there are any changes in address or insurance information.